Herbie's Book
Gunner Herbert Louis Mills
129 Battery, 'The Manx Regiment' (15th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery)
The 'Manx Regiment' was raised from men from the Isle of Man.
They were captured at Suda Bay, Crete, in 1941
and held prisoner of war at Lamsdorf, Poland in Stalag VIIIb
also see lamsdorf website
and Manx Regiment Museum website

Herbie had a photo album and a record of the march from the camp
to eventual freedom, including photos from home and in the camp
Images of the book are here
Larger images here

Transcription of the march to eventual freedom is here

Names and addresses found written in the book are here

If you can add any information or names to the content here please contact me

I have found a very helpful website to translate place names between
what they were in Czech and what the Germans called them here

The points on the map are the ones I can identify from the names in the book,
there may be some which are incorrect and many I have yet to identify,
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